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This year the sale will be dedicated to my dad and business partner Michael Gustav Rodgers. For those of you that are unaware dad passed away July 21, 2016. In my mind the Red Angus Fraturnity has lost one of its most dedicated enthusiasts. His life was dedicated to the progression of red angus in Canada. After buying his first red angus bull from Gary Conrad in 1969 he felt confident that Red Angus would be the breed of the future and through hard work and promotion dad and my mother Ellamae have developed a very successful program. They started with a small select group of cattle in 1971 and now have a herd of 325 this year; a great accomplishment! Dad was not one to hide his opinions, he was honest and to the point. He raised the type of cattle that he liked and always said he hoped that others could find value in them too. He was never one to chase trends and was not a big proponent of the show ring, but knew its importance in the advancement of the breed. Dad believed that Red Angus were meant to be performance driven cattle without compromising their maternal traits or calving ease, meaning that you could breed them to heifers and get a highly marketable steer or heifer.

44th Annual Performance Test Red Angus Bull Sale
Tuesday, April 11, 2017.

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Here are the results from our April 11, 2017 sale:


LOT 20 - Red Rod Nebula 425D
Sold to Open AV Red Angus
(Doug & Shannon Furgeson)
for $12,500

LOT 7 - Red Rod Deeps Bonfire 383D
Sold to Bone Creek Angus
(Graham & Patricia Alexander)
for $11,000

LOT 10 - Red Rod Deeps Blindside 390D
Sold to Majestic Ranches
for $10,500

We would like to THANK all of our buyers, bidders,
friends and everyone involved past & present -
we greatly appreciate your support!

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